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Richmond Asphalt Paving Contractor installing driveways with the best prices of driveway paving with commercial and residential paving. We come out and give you a free estimate anywhere,your work is our pleasure.

The origins of Harrison Asphalt Paving began in the 1920's. My grandfather as a young man during the depression began working for a construction company in New Jersey. There they worked on the famous Holland Tunnel during that time he honed his skills with asphalt, learning the craft to pass onto other generations from his sons to his grandsons.

I began working in asphalt at Mecklinburg County and graduated in 1989. I would work with my father during the summer. Me and my brothers weren't allowed on machines, only hand tools in which we didn't like because it was the hardest part of the job. But he knew that it was a chance for us to learn from the ground up. He taught us to be honest, fair and to take pride in our work.

At Harrison Paving you can be assured that you will get the best job that money can buy. We have the latest in equipment to provide you with a first class job, guaranteed.

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